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The ARP Years

The ARP Years

  • The ARP Years
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ARP was my first employer out of engineering school.  I was very excited because ARP was the largest/greatest synthesizer company in the world at the time.  This was exactly what I wanted to do and was the reason I went to school.  My manager, Director of Engineering Phil Dodds was a great manager.  I worked closely with Paul DeRocco, who was the senior engineer responsible for several of the products that I ended up working on.

I started out as a “junior engineer” and did a host of prototyping and debugging jobs.  I was assigned to solve the problems with the Mu-Tron DDL, and develop a leaf switch field replacement for the failing printed ink keyswitches on the EP-16 and EP-4.  I was assigned to develop a keyboard amp system that used a Foster stereo amp module.  This system used one box to contain the amp module and left speakers, and another box only containing the right speakers.  I don’t have a photo of this product and can’t find one online.  I did a lot of prototyping work on the Chroma and Chroma Expander before ARP filed Chapter 11.  Mary Lock (the field service manager) created a little button for us Chapter 11 survivors, which I still have.  She started with an ARP button, then “damaged it” with bends and scratches and labelled it “Survivor Chapter 11”.

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