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Execution in the real world is often harder than it looks! How do you feel about shortcuts? What is important to achieve, and what is not? How would you react if you were told super-glue was used to accomplish this?
In a large IT e-commerce project we were asked to help with communicating issue status graphically, to provide a quick check of the issues targeted for a specific iteration.  So, a JIRA workflow was set up and the issue states were tracked over time.  The states did not really indicate percentage completion because the workflow was spiral.  
PMs often like to challenge their team with stretch goals. It's a good idea to carefully indicate the minimum performance needed as well as the stretch goal in terms the developers can understand. Then it is important to provide everyone with an indication of where they stand relative to minimum acceptable performance and stretch performance, as well as how it all affects the project goals.
In all projects, it is important to monitor the status of a body of work in aggregate relative to a usually fixed end date. However, to solve schedule problems that inevitably rise, it is usually helpful to track technical pillar (representing teams of people) progress independently. This allows the PM to focus on the technical pillar/application that was the most likely to hold up total functionality for the iteration.
Everybody's got a dashboard. Every one of them is almost guaranteed to be out-of-date and they never agree. The key to dashboards is to not produce manually created dashboards.
Click on the image at left and see a pdf market report sample completed in May 2012. Its content is currently dated, but it illustrates a practical approach to a review of the musical instrument market for a client retail chain that was considering their own private brand of products.
Markets are increasingly expecting high numbers of options and customization. At the same time, increases in the cost of product development are necessitating platform approaches to product development planning and execution. These two trends are complementary in companies moving from typical model-oriented product development toward mass customization.
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