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Facilitating Open Innovation: IP Management Over IP Rights

In a closed innovation company, intellectual property (IP) strategy is typically one of defense.  In fact, some companies […]

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Corporate Cultural Comparison

A single cultural compatibility index can be obtained by interviewing an equal-sized group of executives of the business […]

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Leadership Simplifed

Warning: this post contains some preaching! In typical leadership training the facilitator usually goes through an exercise listing […]

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Downsizing Implementations, Effectiveness, and Flow

In this recent economy, downsizing has been common place, and probably necessary in many cases. The way this […]

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Serving the NPO as a Consultant

One the main differences between profit-oriented businesses and nonprofit organizations (NPO) is that the main measurable output of […]

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Contingent Response to Self-Customization Procedures: Implications for Decision Satisfaction and Choice

According to Kotler and Keller, the levels of market segmentation vary from mass marketing to segment marketing, with […]

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A Leader/Follower Dyadic Perspective Summary of Organizational and Individual Acculturation

This post will explore the relationships between organizational and individual culture from a leader and follower point of […]

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A Leader’s Focus on Followership

Most of the leadership academic literature focuses on the leader.  However, leadership is also “an experience undergone by […]

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Learning by Examining the Generalization Gap and the Commitment Gap

Nov 042011 Mental models are created in our brains quite automatically because they cannot maintain the myriad of […]

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Consistent Innovation – Some New Thoughts

 Mar 052012 In Jim Collins’ book “Good-to-Great”, most of the companies he discussed are no longer around and/or […]

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