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I have been fortunate to have engaged in innovative product development projects for a wide variety of music instrument manufacturers over the years. Select the Designing Musical Instruments button above to see images of some of the instruments I have designed, or have been very influential in their designs (i.e. managed or consulted on the development). 

Shown below are the brands involved:


Markets are increasingly expecting high numbers of options and customization. At the same time, increases in the cost of product development are necessitating platform approaches to product development planning and execution. These two trends are complementary in companies moving from typical model-oriented product development toward mass customization.

This paper will show how a local company (in Hillsboro, Oregon) has used mass customization techniques and IT to focus the development effort on platforms instead of models.

The levels of market segmentation vary from mass marketing to segment marketing, with an extreme limit of "segments of one" (Kotler &Keller, 2009, p.210).  The trend toward market segmentation is caused by the increases in the variety of advertising media and number of distribution channels.  These are making it harder to realize mass marketing.  So, to adapt, companies resort to "micro-marketing" (2009, p.208) through segments, niches, local areas, and individuals.  This post explores two methods of presenting choice: by-attribute and by-alternative. Which one is used has interesting implications for customer satisfaction and sales encouragement.