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I have been fortunate to have engaged in innovative product development projects for a wide variety of music instrument manufacturers over the years. Select the Designing Musical Instruments button above to see images of some of the instruments I have designed, or have been very influential in their designs (i.e. managed or consulted on the development). 

Shown below are the brands involved:


Here's a typical scenario. All members of a 10-24 person project team have many assignments that have to be completed outside of the meeting environment and then brought to the team for review and final approval. This is the only way the team can meet deadlines. In this scenario, the majority of the members have failed to bring work to the group on time for the third time in a row. What's a PM to do?

A typical scenario: The topic on the agenda is controversial. The purpose of the meeting is to explore the issue. A few of the 10-24 team members are very vocal, but many are not speaking. The team’s observations are very diverse. Many comments are about topics that aren’t relevant. Most comments aren’t about facts, data or experience. Many comments are straying into opinions about what should be done. What’s a PM to do?

A typical scenario: The team has to reach a final decision on a topic with pretty evenly divided pro’s and con’s and a significant number of unknowns. The team has been divided as to what to do and that divide continues. This decision is pivotal to forward movement. What’s a PM to do?